Retail Merchandise display: POSCA

A Shining Beacon in a Retail Scape

Don’t lie, we’ve all done it. When you visit the stationery store you can’t help but take that sexy new pen for a test drive. You scribble on the nearest piece of paper you can find. It feels good so you buy it. But, like a moth to a flame, some of the cleptomaniacs among us just can’t help themselves.

Our challenge was to create a visually striking display that would grab attention in a vast retail landscape while also allowing would-be customers to ogle the ridiculously good-looking Posca Pen range.

Posca is a well-known stationery product distributed globally. Posca approached Red Robot with a brief that required a point of sale (POS) display that was both aesthetic, practical, flat-packable and most importantly secure, as one of the issues for current Posca displays were theft at the shop level.

Key to this brief was to not only satisfying the brief but to also developing something that suited to the Posca brand. Concepts were modelled up using Solid Edge for approval and then we moved on to prototypes.

Red Robot tested and sourced the best quality materials including a birch ply with acrylic lockable doors to protect the precious cargo from sticky fingers. In this design phase, we were able to improve point of sale exposure for the client and to present a showcase for both the Posca product and brand. An additional drawer at the bottom also holds extra stock right where it is needed to make restocking a breeze.

The Posca display product has moved on to medium-scale production here in the Red Robot Canberra workshop, scheduled for distribution in Victoria with future plans to extend with the Posca model globally.

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