Photo Kiosk Case

Dual Case for Touch Screen Photo Kiosk

We designed this case to suit a legacy version Photo Booth which operated like a touch screen kiosk. The kiosk deconstructed into 3 parts which we were able to fit into 2 similar sized cases.

The cases are foam-lined with a divider for the top and middle sections. This keeps the touch screen free from scratches while the internal foam lining and blocks reduce vibration and shock on sensitive electronic components. This also allows the glossy powder-coat finish on the product to be protected and last a long time.

The cases both open in different ways to accommodate the equipment inside. For the lighter parts, we went with a shallow lid that allows the pieces to be lifted out. For the heavier piece, we made a lift-off lid so that the base is lower to the ground and requires less lifting. The equipment can also be set up within the case to avoid lifting the heaviest piece altogether.

As always, handles and casters make moving the equipment a breeze. Locking clasps make sure the equipment is secure.

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