KegSani Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Hand Sanitiser Plastic Waste Problem

One of the biggest unforseen problems of the Covid-19 pandemic has been the effect that our actions would have on our environment. As a result, in our rush to use hand sanitiser at every major public place, about 75% of the plastic bottle waste will likely end up in landfill and our waterways.

Our goal was to design a hand sanitiser dispenser housing to use the 100% recyclable kegs from KeyKeg and the mechanics from DispenseTech.

It also needed to be attractive and create a brand opportunity.

Low Waste, Low Maintenance, Low Cost

Becuase the KegSani uses a 20 ltire keg inside, the amount of staff time spent changing and maintaining is a fraction of that using small 300ml and 500ml bottles. This works out to be a huge saving of hundreds of thousands of dollars for larger venues.

Touch Free + Feedback

It is completely touch-free and runs on 6v power. It also has handy coloured green/blue feedback lighting to let you know when the dispensing process is complete.

Branding Opportunity

The KegSani can be fully branded all over it’s sexy exterior. Here’s an example we did in collaboration with Capital Brewing Co.

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