Custom Stage Frame

The Stage is Set

There’s always something challenging yet deeply satisfying about working with artists to bring their cosmic ideas to life. It’s exciting because the ideas are so far beyond the plain of the mundane, practical world we normally work within. Therein lies the challenge because those concepts are so ethereal. When the job is done, life has been granted, we’ve bridged the gap and that is the greatest reward.

We were contacted by the event production company that was charged with coordinating Art not Apart, a festival for the Arts hosted in the New Acton precinct. The festival isn’t just about art but uses art as a metaphor. The Red Robot team worked with an artists’ concept to create a frame for a stage at the event venue. Working with our graphic design team, we translated the concept into a design file that could be directly printed to a marine ply timber. Once printed, we were able to use our optics systems to program cut locations. Using engineering and Industrial Design processes, the stage frame concept became a full three-dimensional art piece.

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