custom A-frame sign board

Elegant Mobile Signage

It doesn’t get much simpler than an A-frame Chalk Board, but to us there is no point doing something that’s been done before. We’re also passionate about creating products that have substance and character. Products shouldn’t just be functional, they should reflect the personality of their owers and users.

For example, what does your drink say about you? A smoky peat from an Oban whisky conjures rustic authenticity. A smooth Yarra Valley red might be elegant with a dash of fruity excitement. A hoppy Coast Ale, chilled but refined in flavour.

Our goal was to build a custom portable signage for our mates next door at Capital Brewing Co, that was unique to them, seamlessly worked in with their brand and allowed their creativity and special flavour to shine through.

Here’s the result.

Re-imagined Locking Pin

Repurposed and redesigned for actual human beings, the locking pin is CNC carved and finished by hand. A handy notch prevents the pin from falling out and locks the structure together so that you can pick up the whole frame without it snapping shut on your fingers! A simple finger pull hole makes it a cinch to remove.

Attention to Detail

Even the centre stay has been thoughtfully designed for elegance and practicality. The bowed edges are purposefully made to receive and keep sandbags in place to weight down the sign for outdoor use. Together with the locking pins, the centre stay allows a user to pick up the whole a-frame as one rigid piece so it can be moved quickly and easily.

Authentically Branded

Custom laser-etched branding panel inserts make it uniquely yours. The naturalness of wood materials keeps it authentic and textured. It’s not over the top, it’s classy and quality.

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