Solar Blox

Rugged and Scalable Solar

Solving Energy on a Micro Scale

Solar Blox is the brainchild of Tim Larsen, an engineer who was blown away by the sheer cost and wastage involved in shipping fuel around to power disaster relief efforts around the world. He also witnessed first hand the amazing complexity and high cost involved in bringing simple solar power to remote and underprivileged communities in Nepal. This was where the idea hatched to design a product that reduced all of those complexities into a single product that can scale up or down as needed and solve both problems.

The answer was Solar Blox.

A Collaboration

Red Robot has formed a collaboration with Solar Blox and a team of engineers and business pro’s to design and manufacture the product. From prototype to scale the product will feature a lightweight and sturdy structure which will be rugged enough for military and disaster relief right through to camping, outdoor events as well as off-grid communities. The uses for this product are absolutely endless as it allows the people right at the end of the line to solve their own energy problems, quickly and easily.

Simple, Deployable, Scalable

The concept is designed to suit a huge range of application and to be able to scale as needed. If you need to power more equipment, say a fridge + lighting + a stove or power an entire campsite – you just click together more blocks for added capacity. The output is so simple that you can plug sensitive items like laptops and mobile phones directly into the outlets on the product.

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