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The Birth of Red Robot

The humble Photo Booth, reinvented for the digital age is where it all started to Red Robot. It started in a garage in 2008 with a simple idea to create an easy to operate Photo Booth that was portable and used new digital camera and fast printing technology. It was supposed to bring the fun concept of a classic Photo Booth to parties and events, where the traditional chemical tank type ones just couldn’t go.

Co-founders Duncan Amos and Phil Preston cobbled together a prototype to test the business model, were then blown away by the success and popularity which then flowed on to bigger and greater things. This was the birth of their first company Picme Photobooths.

They re-invented and redesigned over and over, pushing for new efficiencies and better quality. The product they made became so popular that other’s wanted in. And so this paved the way for Red Robot – a Photo Booth manufacturer that could help others achieve what Picme Photobooths had done.

Fast forward to 2018 and Red Robot is the largest and most successful Photo Booth manufacturer in the Southern Hemisphere and has helped thousands of people start businesses that have generated millions in revenue.

Looking back – it wasn’t so much the Photo Booth that captivated their hearts and fueled their passion – it was the making of the product and the business that surrounded it – the legacy.

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