A Delectable Brand

The Brand Beyond

We understand that brand is more than just a logo, website and the ads you see for a product or a service. It’s like a living breathing force that imbues everything a company does, and in this case, it goes right down the elements that people see, hear and touch inside the venue as well.

The team at Capital Brewing Co know that as well and that’s why we love working with them.

A young, fast-growing craft beer brewer neighbouring the Red Robot workshop, Capital Brewing required a number of products and signage to complement their ‘craft’ image at their new venue and to give punters the most authentic experience.

Working closely with Capital Brewing we identified the best timbers to align with their brand language and simple concepts which were aesthetically suited to their brand personality.

Beer paddles were designed using sketching and Solid Edge and manufactured on the Red Robot CNC router. The beer paddles were specific to the tasting glasses used and do not use any glue in the assembly. They also featured a custom lazer etched logo in the centre to finish it off.

We also designed and produced a unique tree-like pretzel stand to provide another authentic brand touch point.

The prize wheel further carried on the camaraderie around sharing a pint and playing games on a Sunday afternoon which is also key to the brand.

The list goes on, from a custom prize wheel, pretzel stands, signage and A-frames. We always look forward to the next brief coming from these guys.

Having Ideas Yet?

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