Duncan Amos

Chief design guru and co-founder, creative leader and strategic thinker. There’s a bit of Duncan in everything we do. Vision, strategy, management; Duncan is a master at motivating a team to get moving in the right direction in the fastest amount of time possible and coaching them for the win.

Phil Preston

Chief sales, marketing and product positioning guy + co-founder. Whether it’s setting up sales teams,  processes, funnels, market strategy or creating the content needed to achieve revenue – Phil is the guy that works out how to get you from A to Zee moneez!

Matthew Ward

Matt Ward

Production specialist, CNC operator and resident music curator. Matty takes pride in producing quality products to a high degree of craftsmanship. He’s also quite tall and a bit of a dog whisperer.

Michelle Poppitt

Michelle Poppitt

Fabric expert and toy creating genius behind the Miss Poppitt brand. Taskmaster, master baker and the general glue that holds the ship together.

Zane Taylor

Industrial designer extraordinaire. Zane has an extraordinarily varied pedigree. You name it, Zane’s done it (well, maybe not everything). As a result, Zane draws on inspiration from a huge array of disparate sources and comes up with the most out of the box solutions and incredible designs.

Tim Larson

Founder and CEO of Solar Blox + black belt ninja project managing engineer and probably some other amazing things we don’t yet know about.

Gian Marco Gentillini (GM)

International electronic engineer and adventurer, GM brings some serious Italian brains and banter to the Red Robot offices.



Main office doggo. Love child of a sheep and a mountain goat.



Another office doggo. Very smol.



Yet another office doggo. Very good boi.