One of the most enduring truths about humanity is this: like swings and roundabouts we know that things are cyclical. We see fashion come and go and come back again. The same is true in just about everything.


We’re all about the magic of a well designed and made product. How it can change someone’s life, allows them to do things they have never done before. We enjoy making things that get well used and stand the test of time and then get passed on. They get loved, re-used, handed down, re-purposed and born again, over and over. Things that have their own lives and change the lives they come into contact with.


In a word: Legacy.


We’re all about legacy. You see in the current times and recent trends of entrepreneurship and digital nomads, living on the beach and offering services and making “digital” products which really just amount to information or opinions that can be copied, swiped and repackaged in an instant – we’re nostalgic about the times when you could make something real that produced real value. We’re about stirring the coals of manufacturing and design of things that you hold in your hand and use over and over. Just like in everything else there will be an inevitable swing back, a resurgence, and we can’t wait.


Entrepreneurship is hot right now. That’s clear and it’s a great thing. The problem is that there is a flood of people looking for a get rich quick scheme, a 4 hour work week, shortcuts, hacks, outsourcing and living on a beach in Phuket. It’s like building sandcastles on a borrowed beach. Each time the tide comes in you have to change your structure, things wash away like that which was true yesterday is not true today. And tomorrow it’s all going to be different again (read the fallout from Facebook/Cambridge Analytica). Moreover, at any one moment, the owner of the beach might come along and kick you off their sand – cancel your account or Google changes the rules or blacklists you. At the end of the day your business is you and your knowledge. What happens when you get hit by a car? What happens when the things that worked yesterday don’t work today? When the rug gets pulled out from underneath your sandcastle? What exactly do you hand down to your children?


Legacy to us means making sure your life’s work and the sum of what you leave behind doesn’t get frittered away in digital currency, in 1s and 0s.


Ideas only really become valuable when they come out of our heads and through action are distilled into something you can hold in your hand. They become legacy when you build a meaningful business around them that touches, enable and inspires and lives on beyond us.


We turn ideas into legacies.